Studio policies and yoga etiquette.


Before you attend any classes, workshops, teacher trainings, or any events that involve yoga, you must fill out a waiver either at Yoga Del Mar or by creating an online account with us and electronically agreeing to the waiver.

All single classes, class series, monthly unlimited or annual unlimited purchases are final and cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or credit.

Class Series (5, 10 and 20 series and new student 5 and 10 series)

  • Regular class series expire 12 months from the date of activation, which is the first date of use. New Student class series expire 6 months from the date of activation.  There are no free extensions or holds on any class series.
  • Series extensions may be purchased for any non-discounted series, with the exception of new student 5 and 10 series. A series extension will extend the expiration date 2 months from the original series expiration date, not the date when the extension was purchased.
  • A class series may only be extended once.
  • Class series cannot be shared or transferred.
  • You are not allowed to skip from one series to another. If you have more than one series in your account, the oldest series must be completely used up before the next series can be used.
  • Class series are used in the order they are purchased. Only one series may be active at a time. We do not allow moving back and forth from one series to another.

Monthly Unlimited & Annual Unlimited Packages:

  • There are no refunds, exchanges or extensions for monthly or annual unlimited packages.
  • Monthly unlimited and annual unlimited packages are contracts. You must either electronically agree to the contract or print, sign, date and bring the signed and dated hard copy of the contract to Yoga Del Mar within 10 days of purchasing the contract. If 10 days pass and you have not agreed to the contract terms we reserve the right to void the purchase, crediting the buyer’s Yoga Del Mar account for the total purchase amount. Cash or a credit card refund will not be given. Once the monthly unlimited or annual unlimited purchase has been voided, any classes that were taken in that time frame will show as unpaid. Payment for those classes will need to be taken care of within 10 days of the voided purchase. If it is not, we will pay for those classes with the student’s Yoga Del Mar credit.


  • If you have paid and enrolled in a workshop and need to cancel, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance so we can credit you. We will give you a refund back to your credit card, give you cash if you paid in cash, or give you a Yoga Del Mar account credit, which may be applied to any future purchase with us.
  • We do not issue credit or refunds if you cancel less than 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop or are a no show.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • If you cancel more than a week in advance you will be refunded what you paid for the Yoga Teacher Training minus a $75 cancellation fee. There are no refunds for cancellations with one week or less notice prior to the start of the Yoga Teacher Training. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable once the training has begun. Payment plans proceed according to the terms in the contract.

Retreats and workshops with a deposit

  • For any workshops or retreats that have a deposit, the deposit is non-refundable unless your space can be filled by someone who is on the wait list. There are no refunds issued after the final payment date deadline regardless if your space can be filled or not.

Retail Return Policy

  • If a clothing item has not been worn and still has all the tags, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase.
  • For non-clothing items, if they have been unused and are still in the original packaging, you may return the item within 30 days of purchase.

Yoga Del Mar Credit

  • Credit cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • Credits older than 3 years old will be given to the Yoga Del Mar scholarship fund.

Specials & Gift

  • Any specials, discounts or deals may not be combined.
  • A “New Student” is anyone who has never attended a class at Yoga Del Mar before.  If they have attended only a workshop, they are still considered a “New Student”.
  • The activation date is the first date of use.
  • Yoga Del Mar is not responsible for lost gift cards or coupons.  All gift cards and coupons must be brought into Yoga Del Mar for redemption.  Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • All sales are final.  No refunds, credits given, extensions or stops and starts for any discounted packages or gift certificates.
  • We understand that you may have recently purchased classes, workshops or retail from us prior to a special being announced.  We will honor the special or discounted price if you let us know you purchased the same class package within a month before the specials or discount began. The price difference will be refunded as credit in your Yoga Del Mar account, which may be used towards any future purchase with us. Gift certificates cannot be price adjusted.
  • If the terms for a discounted class package (series, monthly unlimited or annual unlimited) are not met, you will have one week to “upgrade” the discounted class package to a regular priced class package. If you have not done so in a weeks time you will lose the class package. If you have not activated your class special and there is no “upgraded version” of the class special you will lose the classes. There are no exceptions.

Bring A Guest Free Day

  • Yoga Del Mar students may bring a guest for free on the last day of every month. The guest must be considered a new student at Yoga Del Mar and must live locally. (A “New Student” is anyone who has never attended a class at Yoga Del Mar before.  If they have attended only a workshop, they are still considered a “New Student”.)
  • If your guest purchases a new student deal that day, you will receive $10 Yoga Del Mar credit. This will be put into your Yoga Del Mar account and can be applied towards any future purchase with us.

Schedule & Teachers are subject to change

If you have any questions, or for price adjustments, please contact the owner, Katrina Lodge at or 858.720.0076




“I was struck by how accepting and even inviting yoga instructors are, from the first class I felt I was part of the group. “

- Jim

“Yoga has provided a foundation for me to approach life in a positive, balanced, healthy way. It’s my rock!“

- Joyce