Yoga Del Mar's classes are held in an open, serene studio space. Come by and visit anytime.


We offer alignment based hatha yoga classes suitable for beginners to more advanced students. Our classes include: Hatha, Flow, Iyengar, Restorative Yoga and MELT.

All of our classes are uniquely and intelligently sequenced to provide you with opportunities for consistent progress and refinement in your yoga practice. Our teachers and staff are experienced, caring, and available to assist you in making the most out of your time at the studio.    

Types of Classes Offered

Type of Classes Descriptions


Progressive, systematic yoga practice with precise alignment instruction.


(Also known as Vinyasa class) Emphasis on connection of movement with breath, connecting multiple poses to create a long, fluid, smooth and rhythmic movement. Faster than non-flow classes.


Systematic practice emphasis on precise technique of poses with detailed alignment instructions, adjustments and focus on correct anatomical alignment.
The Iyengar schedule rotates each week of the month:
Week 1 - Standing Poses
Week 2 - Backbends
Week 3 - Forward Bends & Inversions
Last week of month - Restorative
If there are 5 weeks, then Week 4 - Wild Card (Teacher's Choice)

Restorative Yoga

Resting poses designed to deeply relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Wear warm clothes. Blankets and props are used to support the body. Poses are held longer than in other classes.

MELT Class

Class for all levels. No previous MELT experience is necessary. Integrates the use of small balls and soft foam rollers with yoga to rehydrate connective tissue, balance the nervous system, relieve pain and increase flexibility and strength.

Ageless Yoga

Gentle yoga intended for seniors or anyone desiring a more gentle practice. The class incorporates range of movement exercises, alignment, stretching, strengthening, awareness, breathing and relaxation to refresh, energize, improve posture, deepen breathing and improve sense of well-being. Chairs and props are provided to keep everyone safe and supported.

Candlelight Yoga

Unwind with candlelight yoga, in an atmosphere of enchanting, soft light. This evening class is ideal for all levels - beginners to advanced yogis. The benefits of gentle, deep stretch and restorative practice apply to all. This class is a combination of gentle hatha with longer holds, and prop-supported, restorative poses with an emphasis on breath awareness and loving self-care.

Chakra Flow

All-levels Vinyasa flow practice that will connect movement with breath and incorporate multiple poses to create a fluid, smooth and rhythmic sensation. The class will include breathing techniques, energy healing, and meditation to help you experience your subtle life force energy. Each week emphasizes a different chakra. Come to learn about your chakras and balance yourself!

Yoga for Healing

Are you in treatment for an illness or injury, living with pain and stress, or recovering from a broken heart? Yoga for Healing is a combination of physical and mental yoga practices to help you maintain or recover strength and stamina, cultivate emotional balance, and harness the healing power of your mind. In addition to a sustaining practice in class, you will get individual attention and learn simple tools to use in your daily life that will empower you to get hold of your mind each time it slides into anxiety and negativity. The class is gentle, appropriate for all levels of yoga experience, and caregivers are encouraged to join.

Mindful Movement Flow

This vinyasa flow practice will challenge you to stay in the moment, finding stillness between poses. It will incorporate the attitudes of mindfulness: non-judging, patience, beginners mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, and letting go. Within our stillness we can discover our authenticity and greater sense of peace. This evidence-based approach leads to structural changes in your brain! All levels are welcome.

Levels of Classes Offered

Class Levels Descriptions

Level 1 Beginner

Ideal for beginners of all ages, includes basic yoga poses and breathing. Gentle pace, emphasis on detailed alignment instruction.

Level 1-2

For continuing students and beginners who want to challenge themselves, includes detailed alignment and focus on the breath.

Level 2

More challenging practice for continuing and intermediate students.

Level 2-3

For intermediate to advanced students.

Level 3-4

A practice class for advanced students. Teacher practices with class. Includes advanced poses with longer hold times.

“I was struck by how accepting and even inviting yoga instructors are, from the first class I felt I was part of the group. “

- Jim

“Yoga has provided a foundation for me to approach life in a positive, balanced, healthy way. It’s my rock!“

- Joyce