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This class is an approach to healing body & mind and experiencing ourselves from an internal perspective that combines a unique blend of longer held Yoga poses (sometimes dynamically), Somatic’s (an experiential practice that enlivens internal physical perception), meditation, and breath work.

Join Camilla every Wednesday ONLINE for this intriguing exploration.  Movement Medicine is a gentle, integrative practice that creates a sacred space where time expands and slows down, allowing our deepest sense of self to be revealed.

Over the next 5 weeks in our Movement Medicine practice, we will explore the 5 Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

One of my favorite tools I’ve learned to use in my years of practicing movement and Yoga is the lens of the 5 elements. Earth, water, fire, air and space combine to compose our entire reality. Although all five elements are always present in all things, the predominance of one or another bestows each thing with its uniqueness.

Week 1 – Wednesday November 18 – Earth Element

Camilla invites us into dialogue with our body and the way in which it is connected to the earth. Through a variety of shapes, we tune inward to the subtle realm while moving through fluid and grounding shapes and postures.

Earth element is the principle of stability and expresses as cool, stable, heavy, dense, and hard. When you express a healthy connection to earth element, you feel stable and rooted. Emotionally you are grounded and confident, but flexible. You make well-considered decisions and do not waver in carrying them out. Earth element supports commitment and confidence.

For homework, we are invited to journal on the sensations that arise when tuning into the heart space and to consider the question: Where is the earth in this place?

Bring your attention to your heart space. The place in front of your spine and behind your sternum. Spend 5 minutes writing about how you feel in this area. Even if the sensation is quiet, stay with it and notice what arises. Now ask the heart a question, “What do you desire?” “What do you desire for the world, for wholeness, for healing?” Write for another few minutes

As you move through your week consider the question, where is there earth in this place? Feel both inside and outside your body. Consider how earth is also part of the other bodies that you spend time with.

Week 2 – Wednesday November 25 – Water Element

In Week 2, we move through a flow practice to invoke the quality of water. We find freedom in the shapes so that they are alive, living, breathing, and fluid. Water element contains the principles of cohesion, fluidity, connection, adaptability. It shows up in our ability to consciously hold on and at the same time, let go. When we express free-flowing water element, we connect easily to others. Emotionally we feel content, express ourselves calmly and smoothly, and allow things to “roll off our back.”

Take a moment to write about a sweet memory you have about being in water. Focus on the sensations.

Every time your hands touch water think of it as a formal practice. Be present for the waters contact. Give your full attention to being with the water as you wash your hands.

Week 3 – Wednesday December 2 – Air Element

In week 3 we explore a practice inspired by the element of air. We bring curiosity to our breathing body while initiating fluid movement from the breath. We conclude with a seated meditation to be with the air and space. This element involves lightness, movement, and expansion. The element of air gives you rhythm, grace, mobility, and an open mind.. Breathing and controlling the breath lets you open and touch your senses, leading a path of ideas, inspiration, and energy towards you.

Journal about your experience of being with your breathing body What did you notice, what did you feel?

Go for a walk and change tempos from slow to fast maybe even into a run. Feel air on your skin. The medium in which you move. Feel the density of the air. Notice the air in different locations, in parks, cities and the country

Week 4 – December 9 – Fire Element

Step into your life more fully. With encouragement to be more inclusive of all our experiences, we move through a practice to explore the element of fire while experimenting with different movement and tempos. FIRE principle includes discipline, transformation, inspiration. The fire in our practice is experienced as intensity and abundance. The heat and energy created is the result of the action, dedication and focus put into the practice. Ultimately, our fire delivers purification. It creates insight that allows us to see and engage with what’s important and burn the rest. The fire element is about moving from our center. Fire lives in the belly (surprise!) — our center of power, intuition and freedom.

Journal about a time when you were fully committed to a cause. When you put your heart and soul into making something happen or creating a change.

This week practice pausing when you feel a craving. If you find yourself in a moment where you want to eat sugar or write a reactive email or anything that feels urgent can you put a 5 minute pause between the sensation and the action. Notice how the sensations change and after the pause notice how the action changes.

Week 5 – Wednesday December 16 – Space/Ether Element

This week we will spend some time in seated meditation to establish our relationship with space before moving into a creative
asymmetrical movement practice. We’ll explore circles and spirals to move and feel at the same time while exploring the element of space.

Bring your attention to your heart space and consider what your personal inquiry is. What is your question? Perhaps questions that aren’t easily answered with a “yes” or a “no” such as “What is my legacy?” “How am I boundless love?” “How am I Supported right now?” Journal about your question and then distill it into something that feels meaningful to you.

This week go for a walk at night when the sky is clear. Spend time with the night sky. Feel the orientation of moon, stars and planets.

ONLINE Movement Medicine
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with Camilla Sinclair
12:30 – 1:30 PM

Camilla Sinclair

Camilla has had a life time love affair with the healing arts, meditation and yoga. She lunged...

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“I was struck by how accepting and even inviting yoga instructors are, from the first class I felt I was part of the group. “

- Jim

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