Online Classes FAQ's

Got Questions? We have some answers!

Is everyone going to see and hear me during the online class?

  • No, these classes are hosted as a webinar so you can practice in the privacy of your own home. This means your camera will NOT be turned on, nor will your microphone, but you WILL be able to see and hear the instructor.

Why do I have to register in advance? Normally I just show up for class?

  • Advanced registration is VERY IMPORTANT. Katrina has to manually email you the Zoom invitation, after seeimg that you have signed up in MindBody.  Zoom Webinar invitations are typically emailed 60 minutes before class starts.  If you sign up in MindBody within 10 minutes of the start of class, you risk joining the class late. (If Katrina is teaching, you may miss the class entirely.)

I’ve signed up for class through MindBody, now what?

  • Signing up through MindBody simply allows you to pay for class and lets Yoga Del Mar know you want to attend the class. Katrina will then email you a Zoom Webinar registration link.
  • Here are the steps:
    1. Sign up in MindBody
    2. Set up a Zoom account (if you are using a mobile device, get the Zoom App)
    3. Katrina sends you a Zoom Webinar registration email about 60 minutes before class starts
    4. You can register or join instantly if close to start time of class
    5. Zoom sends you a confirmation email with live link to join the class
    6. Click Here to Join (link in Zoom email)
    7. Do some yoga!

I signed up in MindBody hours ago but still have not received my Zoom registration email?

  • Katrina is manually emailing the Zoom Webinar registration links to every person who registers.
  • Typically, Zoom emails are sent 60 minutes before class starts
  • In the meantime, if you haven’t registered for a Zoom account, please do so while you wait. Please email Katrina if you have NOT received your link 15 minutes before the start of class.
  • Sometimes, even though Katrina HAS sent the email, it may end up in your SPAM or JUNK folder.  Please do a search for the title “Zoom webinar invitation” to find the message before reaching out to Katrina.  You may need to either flag it, mark it as ‘important’ or create a new folder for these messages to go into so that your email system does not recognize them as junk email.

I thought I signed up correctly but was never able to access the webinar, even with Katrina’s assistance?

  • Anyone who has registered through MindBody but never completed the steps to properly access the webinar in Zoom will have their name removed from the MindBody class list and hence your class credit will be put back into your MindBody account.
  • If you registered for the webinar properly through Zoom, you should be able to access it later from the invitation email, even if you did not attend at the scheduled time, so class credit cannot be returned to your MindBody account.
  • Please reach out to Katrina if this happens to you.

I’ve joined the online class and it says the Host has not started the meeting or is in another meeting?  What do I do?

  • Nothing, if it is close to the start time of the class you need to WAIT until the start time, then we will magically appear. Please do not close windows and click other things, just trust that it will happen.

I registered to attend the Zoom webinar, but couldn’t make it at the start time, how do I access the class after it has finished?

  • If you registered in advance in ZOOM, you would’ve received the confirmation email.  To access the class after it has finished, you can go back to your Zoom Webinar Invitation email from Katrina, just as you would if you were attending live. Please note – this link will expire in 24 hours, so it’s best to watch the class the SAME DAY or you may lose access to it.

These classes are really quiet, how come there’s no music?

  • Unfortunately, we aren’t that sophisticated with our video setup just yet to include music. I would suggest playing your favorite music in the background at home while you listen to our instructors!

I don’t own any yoga props, what should I do?

  • If you would like to PURCHASE some yoga blocks or straps, or MELT Kits and MELT Rollers, we have them for sale at Yoga Del Mar. Right now there are only cork blocks left, but we have plenty of straps and MELT supplies in stock.
  • If you would like to BORROW some props, please reach out to Katrina

I have my Zoom webinar link from a few days ago, I’ve tried clicking on it, but today’s class won’t open?

  • EVERY webinar (online yoga class) has a UNIQUE invitation and confirmation link. This is why it is important to register in advance in MindBody, then flag the invitation/confirmation email to access at the time of the class.

How do I reach out if I have more questions?

  • Email Katrina at
  • Text Katrina at 858-720-0076 (please include your full name so we can look up your account before responding)
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